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10% Discount on all orders above £15

10% Discount on all orders above £15

10% Discount on all orders above £15

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13-11-15 Hussain
great food as always and on time plus drivers are polite. !
13-11-15 Hussain
This has always been my go to spot when I need comfort from the one type of food that brings me happiness, Indian food! I have always came for dinner and remember at one time they use to have lunch buffet, I am unsure if they still do but I would highly recommend this spot if you love Indian food and don't want to have to travel all the way to the beltway for a great experience! !
11-12-17 Kelvin Mayhew
We have been using Curry Ocean for years. Top quality food and great service. Thank you! !
13-09-16 Kelvin Mayhew
Fantastic as usual! !
10-10-16 Kelvin Mayhew
Fantastic - best in Norwich by far! !
11-12-17 Chris
Once again Curry Ocean does not let us down, great food as always! !
01-04-17 Andrew McEldon
Food delivered within 25 minutes. All there, all hot, all tasty, !
18-06-17 Karen James
Tried to order but the site keeps crashing !
30-09-18 Gavin martin
The Norwich dak is amazing and a must try if you haven't already. Madras was a tad watery but still lovely flavours. !
15-02-19 Matthew Binding